I hate water so I started drinking seltzer water because it taste so much better and it’s bubbly!  However, the acid is making my teeth tingly.  But I’m trying to drink more water because I have a slight break out right now.  Switching up between seltzer water and regular water so I can continue to look flawless and brown.

I’m taking an independent study class this semester and my professor told me that class wasn’t until October 27th so of course I procrastinated on my work.  But today he emailed me a reminder that we’re meeting tonight.  I emailed him back that he said class was the 27th but he hasn’t responded and there’s no way I’ll be able to finish the work by class time.



it’s ok to admit that you feel lonely

you can still appreciate every facet of your life and be doing great things

but feel like you would like someone to share your life with

it’s ok

you’re not complaining 

and you’re not being ungrateful

you’re human

and confronting those feelings of loneliness, accepting them as a part of your heart, is important to actually dealing with it